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YouTube TrueView Advertising Services

Make the Most Out of YouTube Ads, Generate Higher ROI

Make the Most Out of YouTube Ads, Generate Higher ROI

With YouTube advertising services, SunTec Marketing helps businesses across all industry verticals create effective TrueView video ad campaigns that are targeted towards increasing views/ plays and consequently drive more web traffic & increase conversions. To encourage video interaction, we include call to actions, links of the website, and companion banners.

  • Select Target Audience

    To help you reach the right customer for your business, we select the target audience by gender, geographic location, age, interests, and other targeting options.

  • Measure Results

    We keep a tab on how your ad is performing. We provide answers to all your questions like how many clicks you got, how many views you paid for, and where your ad is being viewed.

We are adept at creating the following types of TrueView ads:

  • In-Stream Ads

These are pre-roll ads that appear before, during or at the end of other YouTube videos. Viewers have the option to skip these ads after five seconds, and sponsors will not be charged for it. In-stream ads help in driving awareness for a brand and products while users are watching a video.

  • In-Display Ads

In-display ads appear in places like YouTube search results, video suggestions, related videos, on the YouTube homepage, as well as on partner websites & apps. They help in driving potential customers and invite them to click on a thumbnail to watch the video ad. Unlike in-stream videos, sponsors are charged even if users don’t view it for 30 seconds.

Improve Your YouTube TrueView Advertising ROI with SunTec Marketing!

Audio-visual media is an effective means to promote a brand’s products and services creatively. Write to us at info@suntecmarketing.com to learn how we can help you reach out to potential customers, build your brand and generate higher ROI from video advertising.

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