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Google AdWords Management Services

Step into the Modern Age of Paid Marketing with SunTec Marketing

Step into the Modern Age of Paid Marketing with SunTec Marketing

Housing a team of Google AdWords certified professionals, we carefully craft your paid marketing strategy so that you can get the desired position in SERPs and drive prospects to your website that can be converted into customers. We customize the cohesive elements of your Google AdWords campaigns around your target audience’s needs as well as company’s goals.

We are adroit at creating and running the following types of Google AdWords campaigns:

Search Network Only

The ads would appear across all websites on the Google search network, enabling you to connect with the high-potential customers when they are searching relevant products or services.

  • Relevant AdWords keywords ate linked with terms or words, used by the target audiences to search.
  • Relevant, interesting text ads are created for SERPs.
Display Network Only

Your ads would show across the Google display network. The campaign matches the ads to websites, YouTube, mobile apps and other sources with content related to your targeting.

  • You can connect with the prospective customers when they are researching a relevant source.
Search Network with Display Select

The ads show up with search results across the Google Search Network as well as on relevant sites within the Display Network.

  • This enables businesses to reach more people.
  • Budget is shared across both Google Search Network and Display Network.
Video Campaign

It enables businesses to show video ads, created in TrueView, on their own or within other in streaming video content on YouTube and throughout the Google Display Network.

  • You only pay if the viewer watches the video for more than 30 seconds.

These ads enable eCommerce entrepreneurs to promote the products they are selling and targeting the most prospective shoppers

  • You pay only when a buyer clicks through to your eStore or views local inventory.

Google AdWords Management Services

Regardless of the type of campaign that suits your business goal and the needs of your target market, we undertake the following steps to set-up, optimize and update your Google AdWords campaign:

  • Keyword Discovery and Selection

We begin by carrying out an in-depth keyword research, finding out both performing and non-performing keywords. Our PPC specialists ensure that high-volume, relevant keywords are used while irrelevant ones are added in the negative keywords’ list to reduce wasted AdWords spend.

  • Google AdWords Campaign Setup

Further, we set-up optimized Google AdWords campaigns, bid on search terms and create effective ads & landing pages.

  • Ad Text Creation

Our copywriters’ team ensures that the ads are to-the-point, engaging and persuasive, content interspersed with the right keywords. We split testing ads in Google AdWords to find out which ad performs best, helping you boost Quality Score which is based on the ad’s Click-through-Rate.

  • Landing Page Optimization

To retain the traffic, we optimize your landing pages and ensure that they are relevant to phrases/groups and that the content is precise and compelling. For this, our professionals create persuasive landing pages that help you attain your sales/lead generation targets.

  • Conversion Tracking and Measurement

To find out how the ad clicks lead to our valuable customer activity like phone calls, newsletter sign-ups, website purchases, app downloads, etc., we track and measure the performance of your AdWords using tools like Google Analytics, Conversion Tracking and Campaign Experiences. We keep you updated about CTR, impressions, auction insights, converted click, etc.

  • Campaign Testing and Improvement

Our Google AdWords certified professionals constantly test the different versions of your ads and new ad formats like product listing ads, media ads and comparison ads help you improve click-through and conversion rates. We also adjust the bid value regularly, meeting your performance goals and maximizing returns.

Whether your organization is big or small, involved in business, professional or financial services, or manufacturing, eCommerce, healthcare, technology or other industry vertical, SunTec Marketing can help in creating lead-generating Google AdWords campaigns!

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