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Paid Display

Invest Your Marketing Dollars in Display Ads to Acquire New Customers

Invest Your Marketing Dollars in Display Ads to Acquire New Customers

With paid display advertising services, SunTec Marketing can help you drive early-stage visitors to your website. We have experienced teams of paid search experts who create effective display ads and continually optimize the campaigns so that you can gain maximum out of them. We understand your marketing goals, target audience and business objectives, conduct through keyword research and evaluate the most profitable platforms where the ads can be displayed for maximum clicks and conversions.

Our comprehensive range of paid display advertising services, includes:

  • Banner Design and Creation

    We have teams of graphic and web designers who create visually-stunning banners that appeal to the target audience and leads to a significant increase in the click through rate.

  • Campaign Creation and Optimization

    Our paid display advertising experts create optimized campaigns to ensure that your ads appear in front of the right audience, at the right time. This includes creating attention-grabbing content, using attractive images and adding a strong call to action.

  • Split Testing

    The best way to find out how successful your ad is for the campaign, we perform split tests for each campaign to better optimize the display ads that have better performance. This includes testing ad copy, call to action and headlines. We also test by adding a border or none, adding promotional offers, or price points in the ads.

  • Reporting

    Further, we measure the campaign goals using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and agreed upon benchmarks at regular intervals, providing you detailed, insightful reports.

Display Advertising via the Google Display Network

Google Display Network is a collection of Google websites such as Google Finance, Blogger, Gmail, YouTube, etc., mobile sites, apps and partner sires that display the ads matched with the content on a given page. It enables businesses to reach out to specific audience groups and target where the ads can appear.

SunTec Marketing can help you leverage the platform by setting up an effective Display Network campaign, matching your keywords to websites in the Display Network, picking specific placements, adjusting bids for each ad, and finally selecting the platforms where the ads might appear.