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Bing Ads Management Services

Bag Untapped Opportunities with Bing Ads

Bag Untapped Opportunities with Bing Ads

With Bing Ads management services, SunTec Marketing can help you get in front of the most profitable customers, add a new stream of revenue and increase your ROI. We create customized campaign for each business, enabling them to target prospects who meet specific criteria, based on demographics, geographic location or language group. Our Bing Ads accredited professionals also provide detailed reports and insights on keyword performance, impressions, clicks, quality score, conversions, etc.

Our service spectrum includes Bing advertising campaign creation, management and optimization.

  • Create Campaign

    We help you right from setting up your Bing Ads account, creating campaigns, through to setting keywords and bids. We can create both Search and Content Campaign, and Product Ad Campaign, depending on your project requirements, target market and business goals.

  • Write Ads

    Our team of copywriters creates concise, search engine friendly and engaging Ads that address your customers’ needs and help you get noticed. This includes selecting ad type, entering ad title, creating ad text and providing display URL & destination URL.

  • Set Keywords and Bids

    We perform a thorough keyword research to find out high-volume, relevant search terms and phrases that must be included in the campaign to get higher position in search results. Further, we also regularly adjust your bids so that you can rank higher than your competition.

  • Manage and Optimize Campaign

    To manage your Bing Ads campaign, we continually refine the keywords’ list by adding more specific terms, adding negative keywords that prevent your ads from showing up on top, and selecting the appropriate bid for better performance. This also includes using ad extensions, creating separate ad groups and adjusting bids to target a specific group of customers.

  • Track and Measure

    Furthermore, we help in tracking conversions as well as website activity like sign-ups, quote requests, phone calls, etc.

We strictly follow industry-best practices to help you draw maximum traffic to your site through Bing Ads campaigns.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Bing Ads Campaign with SunTec Marketing!

We are just a mail away. Send us your project details at info@suntecmarketing.com and our Big Ads accredited professionals will get back to you with a customized strategy that yields results.

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