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Facebook Marketing Services

Target Your Most Coveted Users through Facebook Marketing

Target Your Most Coveted Users through Facebook Marketing

Our rich array of Facebook marketing services helps businesses build long-lasting relationships with their customers and expand your Facebook footprint far and wide. With engaging content, we enable you to interact with your fans and their friends (and their friends too), build brand loyalty and keep customers coming back for more. We also utilize A/B split testing to determine which ads are performing best for your campaign.

For advanced precision targeting, we follow this process:

  • Understand your Business

    Our team will work closely with you to fully understand your business and craft a winning Facebook advertising strategy.

  • Identify your Marketing Objectives

    It’s important for us to identify your advertising goals so we can craft the right Facebook advertising campaign to help you grow the right way.

  • Create a Facebook Marketing Strategy

    Once we understand your business and marketing goals, we will create a customized Facebook advertising strategy in accordance with your needs and goals.

  • Execute Strategy

    Once we are on the same page, we execute the custom crafted strategy.

  • Track, Monitor and Adjust

    We continuously monitor Facebook marketing and advertising campaigns and make adjustments, as and when required.

Our Facebook Advertising Services include:

  • Facebook Ads

    To promote your products, an event, app, or just encourage people to like your page, we create customized Facebook Adverts. We identify the target audience and ensure that the adverts are engaging, visually stunning and to-the-point, persuading people to take the desired action.

  • Sponsored Stories

    Similar like Facebook Ads, Sponsored Stories enable businesses to promote content like a video or infographic. We help you create and promote highly sharable content that expands your market.

  • Promoted Posts

    Your content deserves to be seen, and we help you do just that. With Promoted Posts, we push your content to a much broader audience than the number of fans who normally get to see your post - increasing your Facebook reach exponentially.

  • Lead Gen Adverts

    If lead generation from Facebook is your goal, we can help you meet that. We can create Lead Adverts that compel the visitors to sign up for what you are offering or to obtain more information through brochures, newsletters, whitepapers, product demos, etc. We customize the form to help you capture required information, and increase inbound queries, sign-ups, pre-orders, etc.

To further give your sales a boost, our Facebook marketing team can also help you create Facebook Offers to promote specific products or services only for people who like your page

Our Workflow:

  • Campaign Set Up

    We begin by setting up your Facebook Ad campaign, directed at raising awareness, staying connected with people and driving sales.

  • Ad Creation and Demographic Targeting

    Our copywriters create targeted adverts to reach different audiences and meet your business goals. To ensure precision targeting, we choose the audiences who can see your advert by age, location, interests, past searches and more, bringing you real results.

  • Creative Design

    Our team of creative designers will create visually-appealing graphics and images for the ads with to attract the target audience.

  • Manage Bidding and Maximize Use of Budget

    To maximize the impact of each post & advert, we regularly adjust bid amount, change images & headlines, and do other adjustment – helping you maximize return on investment.

  • Track Results

    We also keep our clients updated on how their Facebook Adverts are performing and the budget is being spent. To create detailed reports, we use Adverts Manager, the tool to manage adverts and review their performance.

In between, we can also help you manage and update your Facebook page, run social media contests and boost engagement, awareness and followers on Facebook.

Let SunTec Marketing Help Your Business Grow through Facebook Advertising!

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