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PPC Audit Services

Pay Per Click Audits to Meet Your Needs and Business Goals

Pay Per Click Audits to Meet Your Needs and Business Goals

Whether your PPC campaigns are set up on Google AdWords or Bing Ads, we can help you constantly monitor them and point out the areas of improvements to lower your costs and improve rate of conversion. Our PPC audit services include fresh keyword research, campaign restructuring, ad copy writing, budget reallocation, extensions evaluation and conversion tracking.

Our Pay Per Click audit specialists thoroughly analyze your account in terms of Negative Keywords, Click Through Rate, Impression Share, Quality Score, Ad Text, Long Tail Keywords, Landing Pages, etc., to make sure that the campaigns are configured optimally to deliver maximum ROI.

Here’s a glimpse at our array of PPC Audit Services:

  • Campaign Structure Analysis

    We divide ad groups in different campaigns and ensure that ads & keywords are targeted efficiently. The ad campaigns are also divided under Search and Display network.

  • Ad Group Analysis

    Once the campaign structure is well-organized, we find out how your ad groups are set up. Is each ad group the sub-category of the main category? Does each ad group have maximum 20 keywords in it?

  • Keywords Audit

    We check how many exact, broad and phrase match keywords are being utilized. We also check the negative keywords and recommend more keywords to be added to weed out irrelevant traffic. We use ‘broad match’ to place your ad in front of a wider audience and ‘exact match’ to reach out to the target market.

  • Ad Copy and Landing Pages

    Our PPC audit specialists make sure that both the ad copies and landing pages along with relevant keywords are in sync with each other.

  • Impression Share

    We evaluate your paid search campaign’s impression share to make sure that the ad reaches the target audience.

  • Budget and Bid Management

    We review the current setting and bid amounts so that you gain maximum returns as per your budget.

Our PPC audit specialists further prepare in-depth reports, highlighting the opportunities, deficiencies and areas of improvement.

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