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Why Responsive Website Design Is A Must For Your SEO Campaign?

Responsive Website Design

With the advent of mobile device web browsing, the need for enhanced website usability on diverse shapes and sizes of screens has increased. This is why responsive website design has come into play. People often assume that a responsive design focuses solely on the functionality and user experience of a website. But, in reality, it equally benefits the search engine rankings of a website in a considerable manner.

Let’s take a note of top 4 reasons which make technical SEO service providers prefer a responsive design over an unresponsive one –

Easy Site Navigation

Responsive website design enables users in navigating the website easily, irrespective of what device they are using. And they tend to spend more time on the website. Had the website design been unresponsive, they would have clicked the return button immediately. Google rewards those websites where “time spent on a page” is greater by giving them a higher ranking on search engine result pages. Therefore, the importance of a responsive design should not be neglected.

Faster Website Speed

Fast – loading websites enhance user experience and are always a favorite of Google. And that is why they manage to get higher rankings on search engine results too. As compared to unresponsive websites, responsive websites load faster, especially on smart devices.

Diminished Bounce Rate

Google keeps a vigilant eye on the entry time and exit time of a user on a website. When a user abruptly leaves a website soon after opening it (or viewing only a single page), it definitely indicates that there is some problem in the website. Many a time, it is noted that the culprit is an unresponsive website design where the content fails to get displayed in an immaculate manner on a different screen shape/size. In such cases, no matter how relevant & unique your content is, you will be unable to stop your website visitors from bouncing back. Therefore, experts from technical SEO services lay a greater emphasis on a responsive design, wherein the content can seamlessly fit into the website layout, irrespective of the device.

No Possibility of Duplicate Content

When you have a mobile version of your website, you are always prone to be penalized by Google for duplicate content. As even though the content and the site are same, the URLs are different. Therefore, duplicate content can negatively impact your rankings. Even getting them canonicalized to its desktop version can not improve its ranking. On the other hand, a responsive design can be developed by only one master site so neither there is a possibility of duplicate content and nor do you have to invest time in two SEO strategies.

Simply put, a responsive website design will help you in enhancing your website’s usability and help you in leading the pack.

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