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Turn Your SEO Approach More Holistic For Better Results

Mobile friendly website design has been fetching businesses a good ranking in search engine results ever since Google made it a ranking factor back in 2015. Its importance hasn’t diminished a bit, rather it has now become a fundamental for businesses creating a website. Although some other supporting aspects also need to be managed to good effect in order to reap the benefits of SEO tactics. Putting your act together needs balancing your mobile friendly website with other practices.

Amplifying the impact of mobile design with good speed

There are dozens of mobile friendly designs that a business website can utilize, but speed plays a crucial role and its significance is only going to increase with time. After creating a mobile friendly website, one should optimize it to increase the loading speed by making necessary changes like doing away with extra UI elements, using compressed images, utilizing concise code and opting for technologies that occupy lesser memory. The market is full of web design and site optimization solutions to make it happen and complementing mobile responsive design with lesser loading time is the way forward for businesses.

Using the right amount of content

Dealing with reducing attention span of visitors is an undeniable reality, as many users admit to skipping through content. Also using the right amount of content coupled with ideal design may be more beneficial for your website. It might be a little tricky to settle for a threshold amount of content but with help of analytics and insights about buyer personas from a digital marketing company, one can manage to find a particular amount that works. To enhance the readability of your content, your webpages should use relevant meta descriptions and keywords. It is really important to try to target your audiences’ intent with your content rather than merely keywords. You SEO efforts should be neatly stacked in order to see better results.

Avoiding the notorious pop-ups

To maintain a favourable reputation amongst your audiences and stay on a good position in search results, it is important to stop over-relying on pop-ups to achieve your conversion goals. Pop-ups can be distracting for the user and sometimes cause more harm than benefit while simultaneously diminishing the user experience. It is better to opt for other engaging forms of CTAs with your website than pop-ups.

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