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Amazon PPC Might Change. Are Retailers Ready?

Amazon PPC

As a dominant product search engine, Amazon for long has influenced online buyers and provided retailers with means to earn handsome monetary rewards. Amazon PPC has been a go to option for online store owners to throttle up their conversion rates. But as technology changes, retailers would need to be wary since the existing Amazon PPC is set to undergo a transition.

Targeting to become more personalized

While personalization isn’t anything new for Amazon as it has been one of the leading exponents of the crazed targeting approach back from from its former days. However, change is going to occur in a sense that the personalization will become more and more specific and the “one fit for all sizes” approach is soon going to fade away into oblivion.

Amazon’s customer data resources and search algorithm will play a massive role in whatever capacity ads are to be improved. Sponsored ads may find new destinations and new devices to be relayed over to ideal audiences. Given the variety of channels Amazon is equipped with especially display networks, sellers have more than sufficient avenues to deploy ads at locations that will fetch customers.

Recommendations, no longer a thing of past

While certain ads would load up on your Amazon page based on previous purchases, it may become a real-time thing as time passes and users would be able to see recommended products during the process of searching itself. While currently headline search ads do to some extent serve as a recommendation to buyers searching for products, user preferences may get higher priority than popular products or best selling items.

With Amazon PPC there may be some limits of customization causing sellers to refrain from using any particular ad group, the new improved PPC may enhance the scope of customization of different ads to encourage sellers to invest more.

Location specific PPC

With the increased use of mobile devices, an alternative is required for targeted advertising and an efficient one similar to the likes of Google. Using sponsored ads or any other suitable ad group to target visitors of a particular location will be one of the likely improvements we might expect. Locally targeted PPC ads can be further made attractive for potential customers with prime delivery for certain locations. There are multiple possibilities to how local Amazon product ads can be leveraged and in another possible scenario we may see sponsored ads extended across many other product categories different to the current situation where only specific product categories qualify for PPC marketing.

As one of the faces of innovation in various industries, Amazon’s PPC evolution is definitely on the cards and just a matter of time before it materializes. It may cause sellers to come out of their comfort zones and in some cases, radically change their strategies. Being vigilant of any new changes is the best thing to do for sellers, both who are doing good as well as the ones that are struggling.

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