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Advanced SEO services to multiply your website traffic

Businesses strive hard to make their website rank on the first page of search engines. There is a reason for that as trends have suggested, most audiences won’t go beyond the first page, unless they are unable to find what they are searching. SEO remains as important as ever since Google’s algorithm updates keep SEO professionals constantly on the edge to cope up with.

Here are some trending techniques that Advanced SEO services agencies are readily putting into practice so far this year:

URL simplification

One of the most important highlights of an organic search result is its URL intelligibility. Users click on URLs that can be clearly understood and at least hint at what’s on offer for the visitor. It has become important to optimize URLs and implement practices like using hyphens and proper structures. The use of relevant keywords in URLs is also recommended to strike a chord with your target audiences and match what they search. Additionally canonical URLs should be used to bring visitors to web pages you want more traffic on.

Generate traffic via social media

Social media is a vital asset for businesses and website owners as traffic from social media links is instrumental in enhancing your credibility on search engines. It also helps in boosting the domain authority of your website. Various businesses hire experts in order to get the best out of social media and channel traffic to their websites.

Regular SEO Assessment

Time to time assessment of a website is important to find out whether it is in right state for SEO. All the factors for SEO to work whether basic or advanced must be in order that includes website loading time, content, mobile responsiveness, UI and landing page experience. In order to avoid a website from falling behind on the search engine results page, any shortcomings must be regularly sorted out in collaboration with the concerned expert be it the graphics designers or developers or in case of content, one may need to hire an SEO copywriter.

Visual and mobile optimization

According to reports from Business Insider, it is estimated that by 2020 nearly half of all eCommerce sales in US will be completed using mobile devices. Mobile responsive websites are a fundamental requirement for SEO as Google has been cracking down on non-responsive websites reducing their chances to rank well. In order to maintain a healthy rank and safeguard your website from being penalized, mobile responsiveness must be implemented without fail. As far as the visuals are concerned research has suggested that it takes just a tenth of a second to comprehend visual depictions. Detailed and simple to understand visuals are the way forward in terms of making UIs more user friendly and as a consequence enhancing SEO.

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