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PSD to XHTML Conversion Services to bring your Prototypes to Life

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The application of design has always been inherent in business strategies to draw the attention of potential buyers. Especially in case of a website, design has to be representative of a business’s brand identity. Apart from creating a design, adding functionality is more important in order to create a wholesome experience for visitors. In today’s age of mobile browsing, responsive web design is one of the fundamental standards. For any of designs to translate into high-performance responsive websites, using the proper coding structures is necessary.

Why mere design doesn’t make the cut

If you have a prototype of your proposed website, it needs to be put into action to see what it will function like. Analyzing its features and functions is also must so that the user experience can be improved and errors and limitations can be dealt with. It is also to be seen to whether your website runs stably on different browsers and devices for which it must be made responsive to fit various screen sizes and form factors. One of the advantages of converting your design into XHTML is that it is exempt from “bad” code and follows a consistent structure that makes it readable to both visitors and search engines. To put a website in-function, PSD to XHTML conversion services can useful.

User-friendly navigation and functions

While your designs may showcase the visual aspect of your website, what really matters is the experience which ideally for a website should be warm and interactive for visitors. It requires a dynamic understanding of UI/UX and the best practices to implement to turn your ideas into a fully functional website. Also in order to fulfill conversion goals, how you implement your design is going to be highly influential. The functionality and navigation of your web pages must be user-friendly as it will significantly affect your audience perception. Each feature of your website must be put together keeping in mind the visitors’ overall experience.

A/B testing

While having your design converted you must consider creating more than one draft, with each draft containing different functionalities that you would want embedded in your website. You can deploy different renditions of your converted website to analyze and find out which particular one performs better. It can be useful to roll out a different version in case your existing website version doesn’t perform well. Before opting for conversion services make sure that you ask for multiple site versions in order to implement A/B testing.

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