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Social Media Platforms for Businesses

Connect with Influencers on the Right Social Media Platform

Connect with Influencers on the Right Social Media Platform

The challenge with social media marketing is that each platform is different and brand messaging needs to be customized. While Facebook may work best for industry verticals like consumer electronics, beauty & health products, sports goods and the like, it may not work for IT industry. This is why we work closely with the clients to understand their products, identify the best suited social media platform and craft effective strategies, contests & social activities that help them increase brand awareness, customer engagement as well as sales.

Here’s a glimpse at the best social media platforms for businesses, and how we help you make the most out of them:


With over 1.55 billion users, Facebook is the world's largest social network and certainly, a powerful medium to create a buzz around your brand. Whether you are a start-up or a multinational company, Facebook is for all. We offer Facebook page management services that include creating an engaging Facebook profile and updating it at regular intervals with critical news, product promotions, photos, videos, contests, etc.

We strike meaningful conversations with your target audience, help you content spread and attract mentions & shares it deserves.


Can you share your message with the target audience in just 140 characters? Let SunTec Marketing do it for you. With Twitter marketing services, we help you maintain an active presence on Twitter, spread your message with highly popular #hashtags and build a huge, relevant audience quickly. We regularly monitor your accounts, keep a tab on what is being said about you – both the good and the bad, and respond to the Tweets on-time.

From creating your Twitter account from scratch, populating it with relevant & engaging Tweets, retweeting other user’s content, building targeted lists to compiling monthly reports on performance of the campaigns, we do it all efficiently!


With more than 90 million active users, Google+ is a powerful social network platform for businesses to stay connected with their target audiences and enhance visibility across the search engine. We can help you create and manage your Google+ pages and profiles with engaging, well-optimized content.

Our Google+ Management Services, include:

  • Business Page Creation and Optimization
  • Audience Targeting
  • Circle Seeding
  • Content Creation and Distribution
  • Customer Engagement

Our Google+ management teams can also manage your Circles to ensure that only relevant content is shared with the target market.


As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn provides an amazing opportunity to those who are looking a platform to present their work in front of the target audience. Let SunTec Marketing help you leverage this platform and reach out to millions of professionals around the globe, build your brand & generate leads.

Our range of LinkedIn marketing services, includes:

  • LinkedIn Profile Creation
  • LinkedIn Regular Content Updates
  • LinkedIn Network Management
  • LinkedIn Company Profile Page Management

We also leverage the platforms features like Sponsored Updates, Sponsored InMail, Text Ads and Display Ads to boost your network on LinkedIn.


While platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are go-tos for most of the businesses, companies can also benefit from channel like Pinterest by creating a dialogue with the target audience using quality content and attractive visuals. It is known to be a hub for DIY art and craft projects, home décor, fashion, recipes, and health & fitness-related information.

SunTec Marketing offers Pinterest management services, helping brands share content through high-impact pinboards. We can help you create your business account, create boards with high-impact visuals, interact with other Pinterest users through re-pinning & using group boards, using relevant hashtags to make content searchable and promote the best pins in front of the target audience to boost customer engagement and sales.

We know how each industry works and what works for each of them – from increasing the number of likes, managing & responding to tweets, sharing critical information through LinkedIn to making visually-stunning boards on Pinterest – we have got you covered.

Engage with Your Target Audience on Platform that Matters Most To Your Company!

The key to effective implementation of social media strategy lies in finding the best platforms where you can connect with the potential customers. SunTec Marketing can help you with just that. To find out how we can support you establish a strong presence socially, please reach out to us at info@suntecmarketing.com with your project details.

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