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Digital Asset Development & Promotion Services

Your company’s online presence is based on the portfolio of your digital assets. The more quality assets you showcase, the higher are the chances

Developing specialized, visual content for your audience.

A digital asset is a piece of content - textual, graphical, or otherwise - with the potential to be distributed across various types of media such as social platforms, blogs and other websites.

Digital assets pique the interest of users by engaging, informing or entertaining them. People are enticed to share a digital asset with their peers and followers, increasing the number of linked citations to the asset and your website. This provides your website value as it expands the audience, resulting in more clicks to your website and exposure of your brand to the masses. Digital assets can also be used for content marketing, to expand social engagement, for earning natural links to your website and for facilitating positive brand references.

Developing a digital asset to be marketed on social media is targeted to the users. Digital assets go beyond the prospect of “good content.” They can be graphic-based, interactive or text-focused. As such, during development it is important to identify the target audience and consider what information they seek. Once this has been determined, it is then crucial to present the information in a manner that is aesthetically logical and visually stimulating. While digital assets may be conscious of keywords and website placement in search results, this is not the primary focus.

Digital assets regularly developed by Internet Marketing Ninjas include, but are not limited to:

  • Infographics

    An infographic is an ingenuous combination of text and images, displayed in a visually engaging manner. It guides the eye of each reader as they absorb its information. Topics for infographics can range from interesting scientific data to a pop culture subject with a large cult following. This information may include statistics, quotations or other data that is relevant to the content of the asset.

  • Videos

    There is no better way to show off a product in action or connect with the user on a personal level than allowing them to watch a video. Videos can be used to address the customer directly, giving a visual face and audible voice to your brand. Videos can also be used for SEO purposes and can target queries that feature universal search.

  • In-Depth Articles

    It is estimated that 10% of searches come from people who are looking for more than a quick answer, but rather a more thorough understanding of a subject or idea. This is addressed with the concept of in-depth articles, which can appear in a unique section of search results for a broad topic. In-depth articles are designed to be informative and take an expert perspective on a subject with a varying level of complexity. They target a specific audience, aiming to maintain user interest for an extensive amount of time and to attract natural citations within a specific niche.

  • Blogs & Newsworthy Content

    Blogging is an integral part of online content marketing. Blog posts can give an expert perspective on industry trends and blog writers give a face to a company that users can relate to. Internet Marketing Ninjas can take complete control of your blog, or provide another name and voice that will gain Author Rank and represent your brand. Our posts are written by bloggers with familiarity of your industry. With a negotiable posting schedule, we will accommodate your needs.

  • Interactive Applications

    Widgets and applications engage users through interactivity, allowing them to click on buttons, type values into fields and serving a unique experience. An application can be more conversion-focused, helping the user determine what product to purchase. They can also be for entertainment purposes such as a quiz to determine personality type. Applications can be published on your domain or developed specifically for your Facebook or other social media accounts.

The digital content life cycle consists of six primary phases: create, update, publish, translate, archive and expire.

Active Web Group knows how to submit and optimize your digital assets such as video, podcasts and radio shows. If you have any assets of this nature they can be very helpful in obtaining valuable traffic and exposure.

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