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Google Shopping Campaign Optimization

Google Shopping Ads: Our Approach

Google Shopping Product Listing Ads : Our Approach

To help eCommerce entrepreneurs show the right products to the right customers at the right time, we help in managing the following aspects of Google Shopping ads:

  • Content

    Our copywriters improve and structure your product data, ensuring it is accurate, up-to-date and consistent.

  • Campaign Structure

    We create appropriate product groups and make sure that the campaign is well-structured.

  • Bids

    To help you land on the top of Google Shopping platform, we regularly adjust the bids in accordance to the goals set.

  • Analytics

    We consistently monitor your Google Shopping campaigns and provide comprehensive reports.

Google Shopping Ad Campaigns Creation and Management

Formerly known as Product Listing Ads, Google Shopping ads is an effective platform to increase product sales and garner higher ROI. We help you harness the power of Google Shopping campaigns by populating them using an optimized product feed directly from the eCommerce store which includes product titles, descriptions, images, pricing, attributes, etc. Ensuring that the Google Shopping campaign is created in tune with the specified guidelines, we help in creating the Shopping Feed in a standard format – optimizing the data for higher Google Shopping Campaign listings and more traffic & sales from the campaigns.

Our range of Google Shopping Campaigns Management Services, includes:

  • Configuring the Google Shopping Feed
  • Managing the shopping feed using an advanced feed processing software
  • Optimizing the content to boost relevance and increase rank, consequently driving more sales
  • Setting up the Google Shopping Merchant Centre account
  • Tracking, analyzing and reporting the performance of Google Shopping campaign
  • Optimizing the Google Shopping campaign to ensure lower the cost per sale and maximize returns

Our Google Shopping experts set a daily budget to keep a control on your spend, and optimize the campaign’s performance by adjusting the bids for each category of products at frequent intervals.

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