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eCommerce Store Optimization Services

Optimize Your Store for Both Search Engines and Users with
SunTec Marketing’s eCommerce Store Optimization Services

Optimize Your Store for Both Search Engines and Users with SunTec Marketing’s eCommerce Store Optimization Services

We offer a breadth of eCommerce SEO services to help you establish a strong web presence, drive more customers and increase the rate of conversion. Using effective eCommerce SEO techniques, we thoroughly research the critical keywords, optimize on-page and off-page elements, and add strong calls-to-action to improve performance of the business. Our eCommerce store optimization services include:

  • Website Structure Optimization

    The better your website structure is, the better chance you have of getting a higher rank in search engines. This, we meticulously craft your site structure and ensure that it is to navigate and understand for both web crawlers and visitors.

  • Keyword Selection and Targeting

    Our teams of SEO executives used advanced tools like Google AdWords to find out mostly-searched keywords and optimize the website using them.

  • Meta Title Optimization

    Meta tags including Meta titles and descriptions are more important to drive traffic to your website. Thus, we ensure that the Meta title of every web page is to-the-point, eye catching and compelling for the user to click through your website.

  • Meta Description Optimization

    To further provide required information to searchers about the targeted web page, our copywriters create descriptive and well-optimized Meta descriptions, showcasing your business’s USPs and persuading the searchers to visit the web page.

  • Image Optimization

    To optimize your website, we not only add attractive images but also assign them relevant title tag, and Alt Text to enable the search engines to index your images quickly and efficiently.

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs

    We create meaningful URLs that are brief and descriptive with relevant keywords, ensuring they are friendly to search engines and users alike.

  • Content Optimization

    To help you get better rankings for your eCommerce store, we optimize the site with high-quality, unique and keyword-rich content.

In addition to this, we also perform off-page, helping brands improve web presence and create brand awareness online. Our eCommerce SEO services professionals focus on building quality links that have real value when it comes to website rankings, visibility, and the target market.

  • We find out authoritative industry resources like trade associations and reputable niche directories.
  • We create 100% original and informative content, providing opportunities to gain link back to the eCommerce store.
  • We can also help you create social buzz around your product offerings by ensuring you are actively present across social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

And several others!

Trust SunTec Marketing to Optimize eCommerce Store!

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