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Product Listing Optimization Services

Get In front of Millions of Shoppers with SunTec Marketing’s Product Listing Optimization Services

Get In front of Millions of Shoppers with SunTec Marketing's Product Data Optimization Services

SunTec Marketing can help you smartly market your inventory and optimize product listings to ensure you rank higher in Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) for critical keywords. Here’s a look at the key elements of your product listings that we optimize:

  • Product titles

    To help you attract the target audience and gain better position in search engines, our copywriters create 100% original, descriptive yet precise product titles that are well-optimized with relevant, high-volume keywords.

  • Product Descriptions

    We craft unique, engaging and informative product descriptions that provide all the required product information to the shoppers and compel them to click the buy button. Our copywriters also add the most relevant keywords to make the content search engine friendly.

  • Product Images

    Besides ensuring that your product images are clear, bright and visually-stunning, we add descriptive and concise Alt Tags to optimize the images.

  • Product pricing

    We closely monitor competitor’s pricing strategy and help you update your product prices – creating the best deal for your customers and enabling you to outwit your competitors.

  • Product Reviews

    Our copywriters create credible and unbiased product reviews that highlight all the features and benefits of your products – compelling the readers to buy from you.

  • Product Videos

    We can also you add videos that demonstrate the use of your products and make it easier for visitors to make purchase decisions. We optimize the video content with titles, descriptions and tags.

Our product listing optimization professionals also ensure that your eCommerce store is complete with additional details like manufacturer/ brand, product attributes, shipping information, taxes, etc.

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