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SEO Meta Description Writing Services

Get Meta Descriptions that Boosts Click-Through Rates from SERPs

Get Meta Descriptions Writing that Boosts Click-Through Rates from SERPs

While not significant for search engine rankings, Meta tags are important to gain user click-through from SERPs. Thus, copywriters at SunTec Marketing create descriptive, relevant and optimized Meta titles, descriptions and tags that not only inform searchers about the given page’s content but also advertise content and convince them to visit the site.

As part of Meta descriptions writing services, we help right from analyzing critical keywords and determining their search volume & competition through to writing Meta descriptions and titles as per the guidelines of search engines.

Meta Titles

We create 100% original, compelling and SEO-friendly Meta titles with relevant keywords that convince the searchers to click through your site. We use pipes | to separate keywords and phrases in the title tags. The optimal format we use to write title tags is Primary Keyword | Secondary Keyword | Brand/ Company Name. We ensure that the title tags are:

  • Accurate and Concise

    Our copywriters precisely talk about the targeted web page’s content, providing searchers with relevant information.

  • Of Optimal Length

    We create title tags of 50-60 characters that exactly fit in Google’s 512-pixel display.

  • Unique and Keyword-Rich

    We incorporate critical keywords, ensuring they are unique across the site.

Meta Descriptions

To provide more information to the visitors about the web page, our copywriters create Meta descriptions that persuade the searchers to visit your website. We ensure that the Meta descriptions are:

  • 100% Original and SEO-Friendly

    We precisely talk about the USPs and benefits of the products & services offered, while ensuring that the Meta descriptions are unique and contain relevant keywords in the right density.

  • Of Optimal Length

    Our copywriters create descriptions that are of maximum 155-160 characters to avoid them being cut-off by search engines.

  • Informative and Persuasive

    Considering Meta descriptions as a marketing tool, we write informative, engaging and persuasive content that speaks directly to customer’s needs.

  • Add Call-To-Action

    To further compel the searchers to click on the link and explore your website, we add clear and strong call-to-actions towards the end of Meta descriptions.

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