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Digital PR Services at SunTec Marketing: An Overview

Digital PR Services at SunTec Marketing: An Overview

Digital public relations is not only about sharing newsworthy information but about building online brand reputation, establishing and strengthening relationships with key influencers and staying at the forefront through valuable media sources. Let SunTec Marketing help you appear in renowned online publications, maintain positive image and scale your business to new heights through online PR services. We create effective digital public relations strategy for business across diverse industries such as medical & healthcare, banking & finance, consumer goods, automotive, sports, technology, non-profits, etc.

Our comprehensive range of digital PR services, includes:

  • Press Release Writing

    Our team of content writers can help you share newsworthy information with the target audience by writing compelling press releases that result in improved visibility and new customers.

  • Press Release SEO

    We make sure that the press releases contain relevant, commonly searched keywords in the headline, sub-heading and content in the right density that boosts your web presence across search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  • Online Press Release Distribution

    Our digital PR teams distribute the press releases across online publications, PR sites, blogs and social media platforms to ensure that it is seen by those who matter the most. We provide both owned and earned media strategies to provide complete online coverage to your brand.

  • PR Measurement

    We measure your online PR using digital marketing metrics like consumer sentiment, website traffic, social media conversations, sales and leads.

In between, we also keep a tab on millions of conversations happening online about your brand and your industry to identify gaps, potential media opportunities as well as possible threats. Furthermore, you can gain actionable insights from this data and boost your digital PR campaigns by understanding your target audience, the websites they visit and the content they want to see.

And much more!

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To find out how SunTec Marketing can help you present content of value in front of key influencers to increase your website traffic, leads and boost your business’s bottom line, please contact us right away! You can also send us your requirements at info@suntecmarketing.com.

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