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Google Penguin Recovery Services

A Look at Google Penguin Recovery Services at SunTec Marketing

A Look at Google Penguin Recovery Services at SunTec Marketing

When you outsource Google Penguin recovery services to us, we will help you examine the web pages/ anchor text linking to your site, the pages on your website those links point to, and from where you obtained those links.

Our Process:

  • Backlink Analysis and Auditing

    Our team of SEO experts perform backlink analysis to identify malicious patterns within your backlink profile while ensuring that high-quality, authentic links that drive value to your site are well-preserved. We carry out inorganic link evaluation manually, as well as use Google Webmaster Tools to find out bad links that may be hampering your website’s performance in search engines.

  • Spam Audit/ On-page Google Guidelines Violations Testing

    We examine your website for on-page spam violations such as hidden text, cloaking, hidden links, etc., and get them removed.

  • Execution

    Further, we create a disavow file including those links that are not adding value to your site and thus, must be removed or disavowed. We also help you create new, high-quality and relevant links to even out your backlink profile and boost your website’s ranking in SERPs.

  • Monitoring and Ongoing Execution

    We submit the disavow file to Google Webmaster Tools and constantly monitor the progress & alter strategies, as required.

In between, we also perform Penguin penalty check to identify issues like "cupcake effect" or "over-optimization".

Getting Started!

To learn how SunTec Marketing can help you recover lost traffic volumes through Google Penguin recovery services, please get in touch with us today!

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