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We're an amalgam of a traditional SEO agency and a digital marketing studio – bringing together organic SEO tactics with sophisticated online marketing and branding solutions, breakthrough creative, technical expertise across multiple platforms, impeccable implementation, and analytics services to improve marketing intelligence that increase your conversions, traffic and visibility.

Things to Get Right When Engaging a Digital Marketing Company

Our team works with hundreds of businesses executives and marketers and we often hear about how challenging it is to find the right digital marketing agency. In this handbook, we give you a checklist of things to look for in a digital marketing agency.

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The world of online marketing is tough to navigate. Whether beaten by Google Panda/Penguin or losing money on PPC, we can anytime help you with your digital marketing campaigns, and reach and connect with more customers online.

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Our Digital Marketing Services

From optimizing your websites and campaigns for both search engines as well as audiences, across all paid, owned and earned media touchpoints, SunTec Marketing sets you apart from your competition, and helps you reach your goals.

SEO & Content Marketing
SEO & Content Marketing

Search engine optimization and content marketing are two effective tactics that, when combined, can yield desired results. While with SEO, your prospects can easily find you looking for your products and services, your content can keep them coming back to you for more.

Branding and Social Media
Branding and Social Media

Whether you want to sell products, increase the number of subscribers, persuade readers towards your cause, or just encourage site visitors to take the desired action like download whitepaper, you’ve got to create awareness through brand building and social networking efforts.

PPC Campaign Management
PPC Campaign Management

Our PPC management services include much more than just managing Google AdWords accounts: from social networking to remarketing, from mobile to YouTube, we create high-performance advertising campaigns – expanding your reach and boosting customer engagement.

eCommerce & Retail
eCommerce & Retail

Right from optimizing your eCommerce store for higher search engine rankings to multi-channel promotions, through to creating relevant & compelling content and optimizing your store’s conversion rates for maximum ROI – we can do it all!

  • Google Partners
Appearing on Page 1 of Google Means Higher Business
If You’re Still Wondering Why SunTec Marketing?
  • Full-spectrum Services

    We offer everything that your business needs including search engine optimization, social media and content marketing, PPC and SEO Consulting.

  • Track Your Progress

    We help you maximize your ROI by monitoring your click-through rate, analysing the visitor movements and recognizing the best performing keywords.

  • Ethical Marketing

    Our services are completely transparent. We attain customer satisfaction via proven results. No hidden costs. No strings attached.

Claim Your Place among the Most Successful Internet Businesses

Whether you’re a small start-up company with minimal budget or a large multinational firm requiring a dominant web presence, SunTec Marketing has the competence and experience to manage your Internet marketing campaign and deliver the ranking results you’ve been looking for.

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